Tania Mairi Mahuru: Goal 5 Gender Equality

Tania Mairi Mahuru at the launch of the Team PNG Champions for the SDGs ©PNG Olympic Committee

Port Moresby, 9 August 2017

The United Nations in Papua New Guinea and the PNG Olympic Committee have appointed five Team PNG Athletes as Champions for the SDGs. Here is the story of Tania Mairi Mahuru, a prominent athlete in shooting and Champion for the SDGs.

Despite being a relatively new to the sport of shooting, Tania Mairi Mahuru’s expertise and rapid international success in this typically male-dominated sport has proven her to become a positive role model. “By becoming a Champion for Goal 5: Gender Equality of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), I would like to break down gender stereotypes and to empower women and girls,” the champion says.  Tania’s passion for addressing gender equality has led her to work with a number of charities and the PNG Olympic Committee’s Gender Equity Committee, which have provided her with a solid foundation for her continued work as a Champion for the SDGs.

Focusing on community engagement, she hopes that by sharing her experience as an athlete, business woman, mother and wife, she will inspire women and girls in PNG as well as for men and boys to recognize the achievements and contributions females can make. Through this she is also eager to promote services which are available for women in sport, in business and generally within the community in efforts to support women everywhere and bridge the gender inequality gap.

“I am a mother of four, have held a demanding job at Digicel for the past 8 years and currently compete in the sport of shooting – in which I won gold at the Pacific Games. I want to share my experience and encourage others to do the same and to be proactive in all aspects of their life regardless of the challenges and inequality we face, as women, at home and in society. I have experienced gender inequality at all stages of my life, but I want to demonstrate to women and girls that you can be successful and you can do anything.”

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