Call for Application: Youth Champion 4 SDGs

UN is now calling for 2017 cohort of Youth Champion 4 SDGs

Port Moresby, 17 August 2017


The United Nations strongly believes in the power of young people. Their energy, creativity and idealism can shape the nation into a healthier, safer, equitable and sustainable place. There are excellent yet hidden young champions in the country who have been leading their community for its betterment. Recognizing such campions is vital as the official recognition can motivate them to further work in their respective areas. Their story can influence and motivate fellow young people. Their achievements and enthusiasm can inspire decision makers.

Therefore, the United Nations in Papua New Guinea is going to nominate a 2017 cohort of “Youth Champion 4 SDGs”. Through this initiative, 4 excellent young leaders will be recognized for their effort to help achievement of any goals of the SDGs: for instance; to end poverty, to promote health, to educate people, to realize gender equality, to combat climate change, to protect environment, to reduce inequalities, to create peaceful society.

Nomination Criteria

A young person aged 18-30 in Papua New Guinea, and has established achievements for any goals of the SDGs

Platform for Champion

Selected young champions will be:

·         Officially recognized by the UN for their achievements

·         Provided with technical advice on their activities by the UN experts where necessary

·         Provided with various opportunities to speak in the meetings and media on the SDGs

Application Process

·         Application form can be downloaded here.  

·         Application form and CV should be submitted by e-mail to by 30th September 2017.


Stories on the 2016 cohort of the Youth Champion can be found in the below pages.


Fredah Abigael Joses

Raylance Mesa

Lydia Leesa Dimokari

Nathan Yaleha Garry