Resident Coordinator’s welcome

Welcome to the website of the United Nations (UN) in Papua New Guinea. We hope the information contained on this site will help you learn more about the UN’s work. As well as details about UN activities and the different UN agencies that work in Papua New Guinea, this site hosts a 'Media centre' of press releases, speeches and publications.

Papua New Guinea joined the UN on October 10th, 1975 and the UN formally established a presence in the country in 1981. In 2015 there are fourteen UN agencies and non-resident UN agencies supporting work in Papua New Guinea. We work with government (national and sub-national) and other development partners to help the country achieve its development goals.

These agencies cover a wide variety of development initiatives, falling under the UN Development Assistance Framework in four key ‘clusters’:

Additional information about the UN’s work in Papua New Guinea can be found in the 'Our work' section of this website.

In Papua New Guinea, the UN follows the ‘Delivering as One’ model, an initiative launched in 2007 to enable the UN globally to work in a more coordinated way. ‘Delivering as One’ means all UN agencies work together to ensure skills, knowledge and efforts are shared so that the impact of projects is maximised. We are very proud to be a ‘Delivering as One’ country office.

As Papua New Guinea shifts from Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN team will continue to work with the people of Papua New Guinea and the Government to bring about practical improvements in the country.

If you have suggestions for how the UN can improve its support for the development of Papua New Guinea, or if you would like any additional information about UN activities, please contact us using the details on the 'Contact us' page – we’d love to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,
Hemansu-Roy Trivedy
UN Resident Coordinator
United Nations in Papua New Guinea