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Using new and innovative partnerships to unlock vast knowledge and expertise is an effective and dynamic way to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. Sharing information, as well as increasing the availability of big data, expertise and technology, has the potential to drive entrepreneurship, and connect a diverse range of stakeholders and communities. The United Nations is well positioned to assist multi-stakeholder partnerships that innovate and collaborate to drive sustainable development locally, nationally, and globally. The Sustainable Development Goals require the deepening of partnerships between the Government, the private sector, civil society, faith-based organizations and international development partners. The United Nations brings together a variety of partners and further strengthens its support to players outside of the capital city, including provincial and district governments, in its efforts to ensure that ‘no one is left behind’.

Papua New Guinea has traditionally relied on a few traditional donors for overseas development assistance. Increasingly this is changing as the country builds relationships with non-traditional partners. This connection to Asian countries creates the opportunity to forge new South-South partnerships and build on existing initiatives with Melanesian countries. The United Nations supports Papua New Guinea in these exciting new partnerships.

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